Chevron Bangladesh Supports its Fence Line Communities

Chevron Bangladesh has always undertaken initiatives to stand by its fence line communities. As part of its annual social investment efforts, the companyrecently provided materials (e.g., hand-pumps/pipes/filters, etc.) for 80 deep and shallow tube-wells for the supply of safe drinking water to people living near its operational areas, potentially covering 550 families in multiple Unions residing near Bibiyana, Bangladesh’s largest producing gas field.

In addition, Chevron Bangladesh has also recently provided significant infrastructural support, e.g., by delivering bricks and river sand for the refurbishment of1,230 meters of five village mud roads, enhancing road connectivity for up to 8,000 people living in three unions located near the Bibiyana Gas Field. Also, near Bibiyana, the company has provided crucial key support in the renovation of an ‘Eidgah’ enabling approximately 1,000 people to perform their prayers during the two Eid festivals of the year, and ancillary construction materials (e.g., rods/cement/collapsible gate) for the renovation of a village mosque, covering about 300 people in the community.

This winter has been extremely challenging for the less fortunate, amidst the pandemic. To spread some much-needed warmth and positivity for the new year, Chevron Bangladesh alsodistributed 4,000 blankets amongst underprivileged communities of eight Unions in the vicinity of our operational areas in Bibiyana, Moulavi Bazar Gas Plants and Muchai Compressor Station.


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